Danva School Group

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Danva School Group offers you an integral service for the development of any school model: Private School, Middle School, Special School and Chapter School.

We advise you in every step of the construction of the educational center that you have dreamed of having.

Within our school group we have ANDES SMART ACADEMY.

Andes Smart Academy is a learning development center specialized in kids from age 4 months up to 5 years old. We offer learning tools such as: private classes, games, sports and more.

Our staff is specialized in guiding, teaching and taking care of your little ones with love and dedication. All our staff, from the Principal, teachers, administrative and maintenance, is highly capable and trained to take the best care of every kid needs.
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Andes Smart Academy, takes very seriously keeping a close relationship with parents.

Our high-tech facility is equipped with security surveillance, so parents are able to remotely see their kids safety.

We are confident that Andes Smart Academy is a unique and safe space for your little ones to grow and be ready for Kindergarten. For more information visit our website and discover more about us.

A unique concept of preschool education

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